The Mill

A pilot in Demand Side Response


As part of Tirion Homes 600+ scheme, we’ve integrated three homes with low/zero carbon technologies and other improvements to show the benefits for residents. These homes are also part of the FLATLINE research project, demonstrating domestic demand side response to the grid.

The Mill homes have integrated photovoltaics, battery and thermal storage and heat pumps which having been coordinated through the construction to be intelligently integrated and holistically commissioned by Sero. This ensures a whole home energy system working as one, and the capacity for the residents to use the Sero Life platform to effortlessly ensure their comfort.

These affordable homes provide a model for all future homes that are yet to be built, efficient ground source heat pumps connected to intelligent hot water storage. The homes optimisation ensures that the user gets the comfort outcome they desire whilst the system compensates for weather and variable electricity pricing.

The Mill in numbers


kWh of battery storage
Each homes has a Sonnen hybrid battery, linked to the Sero system


kW of solar generation
Integrated Viridian solar panels capture the suns energy


As part of our project, this Cardiff pilot consists of three homes setting the way for many more

Technology partners