About us

Sero Projects supports developers and home builders to deliver smart energy solutions to their residents, by bringing knowledge and finance to remove the risks and challenges around carbon reduction. Making the most of renewable energy by seamlessly integrated energy storage in homes, using energy when it’s low cost and low carbon.

A clean energy partner

Sero is a sustainable energy services company with a difference. We work with our partners from project conception, whether new build or refurbishment, to jointly help the scheme achieve as low energy demand as possible, whether that’s all the way to ‘energy positive’ or just better than minimum standards, and to include renewable generation as standard.

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Support throughout

Unlike traditional energy suppy companies, Sero Life doesn’t make more money by selling our residents more energy. This means the partners we work with as Sero Projects can have the confidence that our business model when we pass homes on to be run by Sero Life isn’t conflicting with the desire of the families living in the homes, who are trying to keep bills low and hopefully, to reduce their carbon footprint. We can do this because Sero Life’s sustainable business model takes its’ primary income from helping the customer save on energy and generate additional value by managing energy flows from their home. We do this by making the home work for them when it has the available flexibility to do so, supporting the local and national electricity grid network.

Energy at its best

Sero is committed to helping reduce carbon emissions to fight climate change, but we’re not being unrealistic and asking our residents to simply stop using any energy. Instead, we are building renewable generation into homes and sourcing 100% renewable energy from the grid to generate all their power. We then intelligently manage our network of homes towards aligning their collective demand for energy with the supply of renewable power. This is done continuously and invisibly, come rain, wind or shine, reducing the need for the National Grid to use fossil fuel power stations for peak generation.

How it works

We have the tools to deliver

A Cardiff-based disruptor to residential energy, Sero is born from significant industry expertise in large scale renewable power station development and operation, matched with award-winning experience in building low and zero carbon homes. This combination means that Sero is uniquely placed to see homes as both a ‘new’ infrastructure power resource (and speak the language of the National Grid), as well as understanding the complexities and challenges of constructing low and zero carbon that are also high quality places for families to live.

Say hello to the Sero team

At Sero Projects, we work with property owners and developers to help integrate our energy solutions into their homes, and we do this using our experienced development team in sister company Sero Homes. Sero Homes develops and manages its own homes, so the support we provide through to partners of Sero Projects is hard-won real delivery experience drawing on years of construction knowledge – and we’ve got the muddy site boots and hard hats to prove it. We have combined this with Sero Energy’s knowledge of energy systems and markets to help towards optimising the design and function of the homes, and also by our experience of providing the energy services to the residents through Sero Life, including billing and technical support.

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