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Helping deliver zero carbon homes and intelligent clean energy for future generations

Sero Projects supports developers and home builders to deliver smart energy solutions to their residents   We bring knowledge and finance to remove the risks and challenges around carbon reduction, and enable you to make the most of renewable energy through seamlessly integrated energy storage in homes, using energy when it’s low cost and low carbon.

What is Zero Carbon?

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Why change?

Sero Projects makes it easy for developers and landlords to make a positive change – and we’ll help every step of the way to get your project to zero carbon, and then carry on beyond. We understand as a society we need to take urgent and decisive action to address the huge challenges of climate change and associated social and environmental impacts; the science is overwhelming. That’s why we work with your team to help make your journey to zero carbon as easy as possible, at whatever pace you want to take, and with a route that suits you best.

How it works

Our Approach


First the energy demand needs to be reduced through better building fabric and low energy components.


Using thermal mass, heat and electricity storage to balance the needs of the home throughout the day and night.


Use natural energy sources to generate energy where possible, whilst simultaneously creating a great place to live.

Eastern High

Rumney, Cardiff, Wales
Cardiff Living Partnership
We’re supporting Wates Residential & Cardiff Council to deliver 214 new homes for sale and rent here. Built to an average of SAP100 with the full suite of low/zero carbon technologies and control, the project is also a demonstrator for our VALUER research.
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Retrofit (Swansea) – Details coming soon

Pobl Group
In partnership with Pobl, we’re undertaking energy makeovers on 644 existing homes to deliver intelligent controls, renewable generation and storage. The largest retrofit project of it’s kind, the project works with Western Power Distribution to align the grid with the future of home energy.
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The principle of the VALUER project is simple yet ground-breaking as up to now there has been a clear disconnect between the finance sector and the energy efficiency of a home when calculating affordability.
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The Mill

Ely Bridge, Cardiff, Wales
Tirion Homes
As part of Tirion Homes 600+ scheme, we’ve integrated three homes with low/zero carbon technologies and other improvements to show the benefits for residents. These homes are also part of the FLATLINE research project, demonstrating domestic demand side response to the grid.
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Parc Hadau

Pontardawe, Wales
Sero Homes
Sero is providing our smart energy management service to our sister company, Sero Homes, to help deliver around 35 net zero carbon, beautifully designed homes in Rhydyfro, Pontardawe in South Wales. The scheme has low energy fabric homes with significant photovoltaic generation and energy storage, together with an ecologically sensitive layout and landscaping, that make it one of the largest zero carbon developments in the UK to date.
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Parc Eirin

Tonyrefail, Wales
Pobl Group & Tirion Homes
Tirion Homes and Pobl living, in partnership with Sero, will deliver low energy systems for the entire 225 new homes being built Northwest of Cardiff. Sero has worked to help push the fabric performance of these homes and supported our partners design and implement the technologies which include ground source heat pumps, photovoltaics, energy storage and smart electric vehicle charging.
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See the homes we build ourselves:
creating a blueprint for zero carbon living.

Sero Projects understands the challenges of development because we do it too. Sero Homes, our sister company, builds and runs zero carbon homes for future generations. So when we’re advising you on construction details, site programming or specialist tendering packages, it’s probably drawing on the experience of having already done it for ourselves.

Our homes

We’ll look after your residents for you!

Sero Projects partners with our developers and landlords for the long term, passing over to Sero Life as the energy service company for the home. This means, unlike consultants or specialists at the construction stage, we stick around for the long haul. Your homebuyers or tenants become our customers, and that means the energy systems we helped you install become ours to run. And in the unlikely event that they don’t work, they’re ours to fix.

Sero Life

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